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Rubi TX-1020 Max Tile Cutter

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Cutting length - 102 cm

Diagonal cutting length - 70x70 cm

Cutting height - 3-21 mm

Separator power - 1200 kg

Weight with carrying case - 19,4 kg

Units per box - 1

VAT included
  • Tubular steel guides of Ø30 mm x 2 mm in wall thickness.
  • Head with aluminum slides, extra-long, with "self-lubricated" friction bushes.
  • Mobile separator with aluminum clamp, equipped with plastic protector to AVOID marking on the most DELICATE surfaces.
  • The locking of the gripper, by ratchet mechanism, and unlocking, by trigger, allows scratching and separating with one hand.
  • Greater SPEED of use. Increase PERFORMANCE in both thin and thick materials. Better VISIBILITY of the area of scratching and cutting.
  • Aluminum injection base, reinforced by central rib, for greater ROBUSTNESS.
  • Galvanized steel floating tables, increases the STABILITY in the cut. Revolving square, central pivot. Greater PRECISION in the angular cuts.
  • With lateral stop for repetitive cuts and narrow strips. Equipped with 2 supplementary arms *, for large format ceramics. (* 4 on model TX-1250 MAX).
  • Handle with soft grip grip for greater ERGONOMICS and COMFORT. Equipped with 8 mm and 22 mm EXTREME scoring wheels.
  • Compatible with the full range of PLUS scoring wheels. Includes carry case.
Product Reference